About Us

The China Restaurant was the first Chinese restaurant in Lanzarote. His popularity in Cantonese Chinese cuisine meets over 30 years. A nice place to enjoy eating as much in moments of leisure and business. Is popular with Spanish tourists and residents.

Opened when the Chang family came from Las Palmas back in 1976. Today is a landmark on the island of Lanzarote, where is known by all residents how “the best Chinese Restaurant on the island”. The good work in the kitchen along with the professionalism of our team has created a trust in this house of many of our customers. Always friendly the staff, it can enjoy authentic Cantonese Chinese cuisine in Lanzarote.

Our local has a capacity of 120 people (divided into dining area and terrace area with garden), that be meticulously decorated in traditional Chinese style with a predominance of red burgundy, with parquet flooring throughout the dining room and roof. Emphasize its original stone and pearl screens, its paintings and vases brought from the origin country.

Recently, we have reformed its dependencies giving the appearance of innovation but keeping the line of Chinese style.

  • The dining room is divided into areas for smokers / non smokers.
  • The new decoration elements have changed like lamps and colored linens.
  • It is fully equipped with air conditioning.

Its cuisine is very diverse, made by their chefs from Hong Kong to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Apart from its traditional dishes of the letter, has a range of tapas Chinese and Dim Sun (Chinese steamed snacks) of their specialty in the kitchen popular Cantonese southern region of China.

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You can download our menus in PDF format:


China Restaurant has won several awards, including:
  • 1992: Master Award in popularity
  • 1998: Prize for good service leader and master in prestige and quality.
In any case, our best reward is the SATISFACTION OF OUR CLIENTS.